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With over 18,000 Homeless & Destitute people on the streets, the need for Blankets becomes more evident.
 The HNB Foundation is appealing for more assistance from the public. 

     One Hundred Percent of your Tax-Exempt monetary donations will be spent to purchase Blankets.

No Administration Costs!
Please help us to help our families; brothers, sisters and neighbor in need!

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2023 Tax Report Season.

There are over 18,000 Homeless and Destitute People on the Streets of Southeastern Michigan, and they need Your Help Today!

Make a Tax-Deductible Donation NOW!

$9,000 Cash Donation Received!

The HNB Foundation is proud to announce the acceptance of a donation of NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($9,000) from the Estate of Natasha Bearden-Bennett. The funds was used to purchase a 2016 Grand Caravan to be used in the distribution of Blankets, Care Packages and other uses as necessary for the effective purposes of the Foundation.

As many may already know, Mrs. Natasha Bearden-Bennett was a founding partner in the establishing of the Horatio and Natasha Bennett Foundation (aka HNB Foundation). Sadly, Natasha passed on January 7, 2020 after a year-long battle with Lung Cancer.
She may be gone in person but her Spirit of Service through the Foundation will live on through countless generations to come.
May Natasha Rests In Peace in Paradise, as she awaits being presented to The Father as a 'good and faithful servant!'!


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The HNB Foundation is accepting Donations in many forms: Cash, Blankets, Living Will Assignments, Vehicles, Real Estate, Household Appliances, Paintings, Musical Instruments -  or anything of value which may be sold on our Auction Site. Remember, we will issue Tax-Exempt Receipts for the Fair Market Value of your donation. Please contact us for further details by using the Contact Form below!

If your Nonprofit Organization is in need of blankets, please contact us at

 Certified Nonprofit - 501(c)3 - Organizations may submit requests
(on organization's letterhead ) for blankets  by December 31, 2024

We have dozens of the New Mylar Techno Blankets available!

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